Get the Most out of BlockWallet

Revoke Token Allowances
Learn about token allowances and how you can revoke allowances easily with BlockWallet.
What is Lock Timeout?
Learn how to improve your security on BlockWallet with lock timeout.
What is a Privacy Proxy?
Learn how BlockWallet helps you retain your privacy on web3.
Stay Safe When Connecting to DApps
Learn how to keep your funds and wallet secure when connecting to DApps.
Swap Tokens Using BlockWallet
Learn how to swap your tokens using BlockWallet with ease.
Add Custom Tokens
Learn how to add custom ERC-20 and similar tokens to your wallet.
Connect BlockWallet to a DApp
Learn how to connect your BlockWallet to any DApp out there.
What is Phishing Protection?
Learn how to use phishing protection on BlockWallet.
Keyboard Shortcuts
Learn how to speed up your flows in BlockWallet with keyboard shortcuts.
Net Worth
Learn about your wallet net worth and how to make the most of it.
Add a Network or Custom RPC
Learn how to add a new network or a custom RPC.
Bridge Tokens Using BlockWallet
Learn how to bridge your funds from one network to the other using BlockWallet bridges.
Set Your Default Gas Setting
Learn how you can set your default gas setting depending on your needs.
Import Your Account From Private Key
Learn how you can import a single account using a private key.
Switch Networks & Reorder Your Network List
Learn how to switch networks and reorder your networks list.
Create a New Account
Learn how to create a new account.
Buy Crypto With BlockWallet
Learn how to buy crypto seamlessly using BlockWallet and Onramper.

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