What is Blind Signing on my Ledger Device?

Blind signing lets you approve smart contracts without knowing all of their details.

It’s important to enable blind signing on your Ledger because unless you’re using the Ledger Live DApp, enabling blind signing is the only way to sign transactions successfully.

In fact, blind signing is actually the industry standard and is promoted by Ledger themselves!

Even though you don’t get to see all the exciting details of the smart contract on your Ledger device, you still get to see key details of the transaction you’re blindly signing, which includes the following:

  • Transaction amount
  • Smart contract address OR wallet you’re sending to
  • Max gas fees

How to Stay Safe When Blind Signing

Here are some tips on how to stay safe when blind signing:

Don’t use DApps that you’ve never heard of before. if possible, always double-check authenticity.
Don’t click suspicious links, especially from people, accounts, or companies you’ve never heard of before.
Never disclose your recovery phrase to anyone. And never enter it into a computer or smartphone device.
We also recommend using DApps that are integrated inside the Ledger Live Discover tab as much as possible, ensuring blind signing is not required. Instead, your Ledger will use “clear signing”, where more transaction details are displayed on your Ledger.

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