Inside BlockWallet

Find out what makes BlockWallet tick. Nonstop - like a clockwork.

Underneath the pretty face lays the infrastructure powering BlockWallet’s premium user experience. The reason why it's never down, so fast, available for all, and protects your personal identity.

Supported Networks

We've set up a private infrastructure for the most popular networks among BlockWallet users. If you can't find your favorite network, worry not – you can still add any EVM network to BlockWallet and make use of public nodes. As we grow, we're committed to extending our infrastructure, welcoming even more networks into the fold.


Private Nodes

For High Performance

Handpicked by our skilled team of developers just for you, our private nodes serve Ethereum and most popular L2 networks. When compared to public nodes, private nodes offer you a range of benefits, such as increased reliability, faster transaction speeds, and a higher level of privacy.


Node Failover

For Pure Reliability

Nodes form the backbone of all blockchain activity. If they stop working, well, so do the wallets that depend on them. That's precisely why BlockWallet has your back with a node failover system. BlockWallet uses a primary and a secondary node provider for the most popular networks. So, if one of the providers goes down, your wallet will automatically and instantly switch to the other one, making sure everything keeps running smoothly for you.


Privacy Proxy

For Identity Protection

Every transaction you make interacts with the blockchain through nodes. These nodes, by default, collect your IP address and other metadata - things like your browser type and OS - with every request. But that's not how it works with BlockWallet. Your privacy is valued here. BlockWallet employs a privacy proxy that steps in, intercepts requests, strips away the sensitive details, and sends on only the necessary data to complete your transactions. The result? Your personal information stays secure and protected.