A Wallet to Unlock All DApps

Connect BlockWallet browser-extension with your favorite DApps.


Connect to Any DApp

Make BlockWallet your go-to browser wallet. It's simple, really. Just set it as the default, and you're all set. Now you can connect to any DApp with ease.

Manage DApps

BlockWallet makes it a breeze to keep track of your connected DApps. There's a tidy list for you to glance at, and disconnecting is simple. Just one click, and you're free.

Revoke Allowances

Signing a token allowance enables a DApp to freely control your assets - this includes spending your tokens and trading your NFTs. If not revoked, they keep this control forever. With BlockWallet, you can easily revoke these allowances to regain control and protect what's yours.

Web3 Support Information | BlockWallet

Ready to explore Web3?

You can access your crypto on multiple wallets because your crypto lives on a blockchain. We prepared step-by-step tutorials to help you import your keys or create a new account.

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Stay Productive
Swap tokens at low cost right within the wallet.
Hop between chains with ease directly in the wallet.
Gas Tracker
Keep an eye on gas prices, catch the sweet spot and save on fees.
Buy Crypto
Enjoy a smooth process of buying crypto tokens with your card. With just a few easy steps enjoy the advantage of low transaction fees.
Stay Safe
Hardware Wallet Support
Connect Ledger, Trezor or Keystone for the ultimate security.
Token Allowances Revoke
Keep your tokens in check, revoke permissions, and stay in control.
Phishing Protection
Generate unique artwork to recognize fake wallet pop-ups.
Stay Connected
Robust nodes and failover system, to keep your wallet running when it matters the most.
Web3 Support
Set free in Web3 - connect with your favorite DApps.
Quick Network Finder
Discover and connect to new networks in seconds.
Stay Private
Flashbots RPC
Save money - say bye to frontrunning bots and don't pay for failed transactions.
Privacy Proxy
Stop leaking IP address and more to node providers.