Import From Any Wallet

Looking for a BlockWallet test drive or a permanent move? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to import your current self-custodial wallet to BlockWallet. 

If you’re looking for a fresh start instead, here’s how to create a new BlockWallet account.

First, it’s a good idea to distinguish the difference between a seed phrase and a private key to help decide which one you need to export. Because depending on your situation, you might need one instead of the other.

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What is the difference between a seed phrase and a private key?

You can think of your wallet address like a house, and just like a house key, a private key gives ownership to everything inside of it. Transfers, swaps, interacting with DApps - a wallet’s private key gives access to all of the above.

A seed phrase on the other hand, is like the contractor that builds the house (or houses). Unlike a private key that only creates a single wallet address, a seed phrase has the ability to create many of them, which is why seed phrases are so extremely sensitive. By knowing a wallet’s 12 or 24-word seed phrase, it gives access to ALL the other wallets that were derived from it, which can range from a single wallet, to hundreds, or even thousands.

Which one should you export?

Now that you know the difference between a seed phrase and a private key, you might be wondering: should I import my seed phrase, or my private key?

If you’re looking to move multiple accounts over to BlockWallet, we recommend importing your seed phrase for the quickest setup. It’ll also be required if you’re trying to import your self-custodial wallet during the initial onboarding process.

If you already set up your BlockWallet account and just looking to add an existing wallet address, you should export your private key instead. Keep in mind that once you’ve imported a private key to BlockWallet, it will not show up if you reinstall and import the same seed phrase you had before - you’ll have to import the private key once again. This happens because the initial private key you imported to BlockWallet was created by a different seed phrase than the one you’re currently using.

As a safety precaution, remember that customer support will never ask you for your private key or seed phrase, and that you should only store your seed phrase in a secure offline location.

Import from Argent

Argent does not offer an option to export your seed phrase or private key. Please create a new BlockWallet account and transfer funds manually. 

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