How to Add Address Book Contacts

You can add addresses to your address book to save them and make it easier to send crypto to addresses you trust. Using an address book is a great way to keep contacts that you use frequently.

For example, you might want to save the address of a friend, employee, or another wallet that you own. Storing these contacts in an address book saves you from having to enter these contacts manually and eliminates the possibility of making a mistake while entering the address. If you want to add contacts to your address book, follow these steps:  

  • Click ‘Address Book’ in the extension’s settings menu

Address Book.jpg

  • Press the "Create New Contact" Field. 

Address Book 1.jpg

  • Add Contact Name and Contact Address. 

Address Book 2.jpg

  • The new address will appear in the "Current contacts" list.

Address Book 3.jpg

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