Bridge Tokens Using BlockWallet

BlockWallet built in bridge enables users to seamlessly transfer digital assets across various blockchain networks directly from their wallet. As an intermediary, it connects two distinct blockchains, converting one form of digital asset into another compatible with the receiving network.

This solution allows for the convenient transfer of digital assets between networks, bypassing the need for a centralized exchange. This enhances privacy by eliminating the reliance on centralized exchanges that might gather personal information. By facilitating direct asset transfers between blockchain networks, BlockWallet Bridge promotes increased privacy and security for its users.

How to use Blockwallet Bridge?

  • Open BlockWallet and select the network from which you want to bridge tokens.
  • Click on the Bridge icon.
    Bridges 1.jpg
  • Select the token you want to bridge.Bridges 2.jpg
  • Enter the desired amount of the token to be bridged.
  • Select the target network from the list of available target networks to which you want to bridge the tokens.
  • Press Approve or Review to proceed.Bridges 3.jpg
  • In some cases you will need to approve your token for use with the bridge's smart contracts. Click Approve on the token approval screen.
  • If you are satisfied with the transaction details, click Bridge to initiate the process.Bridges 5.jpg

The Activity tab on your BlockWallet home screen will display a pending "BlockWallet Bridge" transaction. To verify an "Incoming Bridge", check the Activity tab in the destination network.

Once the bridge is completed, your tokens will be accessible on the destination network.

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