DApp Connection Issues

Web3 is a huge space where anyone can build anything and however they want. This can result situations where your wallet (not just BlockWallet) will not connect seamlessly to each and every DApp

The optimal web3 setup with multiple wallets

Ideally you should use only one browser wallet to avoid conflicts and make sure BlockWallet works perfectly.

We know many people use multiple wallets so here is a short tutorial on how to optimize your wallet experience.

Install your main wallet on your main browser profile. Then create another profile and install a second wallet there.

What is a browser profile?

This is also a good way to separate some of your profiles and information to boost your privacy. I.e. do online shopping on one profile and keep all your social media on another. For wallets, keep your self-custody bag in a clean profile where your browsing is limited and create a new profile for your DeFi adventures.

How to connect to DApps using BlockWallet

When visiting a DApp, click Connect Wallet (sometimes just Connect) in the top right corner of the screen (the industry standard). Click the BlockWallet logo and confirm the operation in the pop up window.

If BlockWallet does not appear in the list of wallets, then you can look for “Web3”, “Injected” or similar options.

In many cases, you can click the Metamask button and the DApp will detect BlockWallet even if Metamask is installed but BlockWallet is selected as your default browser wallet.

BlockWallet doesn’t connect to a dApp

We try to make our wallet compatible with all dApps but sometimes it just doesn’t work. If you find a dApp that doesn’t work for you, please report it here and we’ll get on it.

Metamask (or another wallet) keeps interfering with BlockWallet

If more than one wallet is installed on a single browser profile, they might interfere. The setup possibilities are endless so here’s the solution to keep BlockWallet on top. First turn off all other wallet’s “default browser wallet” setting. Then turn the setting off and on in BlockWallet. This should ensure BlockWallet pops up when connecting to a site.

BlockWallet keeps interfering with my other wallet(s)

By default BlockWallet asks you to become your default browser wallet when you install it. This can be turned off in Settings - Preferences - Default Browser Wallet. Please make sure your main wallet has this setting turned ON.

Multiple wallets in one browser

Only one wallet can act as your primary wallet and your browser is incapable of knowing which you want to use with each DApp. Please consider using separate browser profiles if you want to use different wallets.

If you absolutely need to have all wallets installed within the same browser profile, you can still pick ONE that will be your default. If more than one wallet is selected as the “default” there may be conflicts. In this case the best thing to do is to set the “default browser wallet” setting to OFF in all the wallets and save the setting. Then navigate to the one you want to set as the de facto default and set the setting to ON and save.

Report an incompatible DApp

If all of the above solutions still did not work, please report the DApp that did not work for you with BlockWallet and we'll be happy to find a way to make it work.

Report an incompatible DApp in our Discord or Telegram.

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