What is Phishing Protection?

BlockWallet's phishing protection feature provides an additional layer of security by generating a unique piece of art for your wallet.

This art is displayed in sensitive areas where you need to use your password, making it more difficult for scammers to execute phishing scams.

We strongly recommend enable this feature and keep your unique art private.

How does it work?

Your exclusive anti-phishing art appears on the "Login" and "Import/Export Account" pages.

If you ever attempt to interact with your BlockWallet and the anti-phishing art is not displayed, it is likely that you are being targeted by a phishing attempt. In such cases, do not use the wallet and contact our community managers on Telegram or Discord for assistance.

Activating and Managing the Phishing Protection Feature

  1. Click the settings icon in the top right corner of your wallet's main screen.
    Phishing Protection 2.jpg
  2. Click Preferences in the Settings menu.
    Phishing Protection 3.jpg
  3. Click Phishing Protection in the preferences menu.
    Phishing Protection 4.jpg
  4. Toggle the phishing protection feature ON/OFF or regenerate a new image as desired.
    Phishing Protection 5.jpg

Key Points to Remember:

  • Activate the phishing protection feature in your wallet settings for enhanced security.
  • Memorize your unique anti-phishing art and ensure it is displayed when entering your password.
  • Do not share your anti-phishing art with anyone or post it online.
  • Do not interact with BlockWallet if your anti-phishing art is not displayed.

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