Discover $BLANK, our native wallet token designed to enhance your experience within our digital asset ecosystem.

In this guide, we provide a straightforward introduction to $BLANK, its purpose, token details, purchasing options, price chart, and unique use cases.

Token Details

Here are the key details for $BLANK:

Symbol: $BLANK

Contract Addresses for $BLANK:

Remember to always double-check the contract addresses before conducting any transactions to avoid potential losses.


$BLANK serves multiple functions within our wallet ecosystem:

  • Occasional fee discounts for token holders.
  • Token burns, reducing overall circulating supply.
  • Token reward campaigns, incentivizing user engagement.
  • Token rewards for Liquidity Providers from revenue.
  • Exclusive offers and early access for token holders.

By integrating $BLANK, we aim to streamline the user experience, making digital asset management more accessible and efficient.

Where to Buy $BLANK

You can use BlockWallet's built-in Swaps to buy $BLANK seamlessly within the wallet.

You can also buy $BLANK on the following DEXs, CEXs and aggregators:

You can find the full list of DEXs and CEXs here.

Remember to choose a reputable exchange to ensure the safety of your assets.

$Blank Price Charts

You can track the price of $BLANK on the following websites:

Can I stake $BLANK?

Not yet, but soon. We are working on a unique single sided, liquid staking model for $BLANK. Join our Telegram to get the latest news about staking.

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