Add Custom Tokens

For most tokens, BlockWallet has integrated a feature to add them easily directly from your wallet without the need for a third-party.

However, for custom tokens, we'll explain the necessary steps, supported tokens and blockchains, and potential risks.

Be aware of the potential risks associated with importing custom tokens, such as scams, fraudulent tokens, and inaccurate token information. Always verify the token's legitimacy and obtain the correct information before importing.

Make Sure You Are on the Correct Network

Before importing custom tokens, make sure you are on the same network where you wish to import the token. To check or switch networks, follow these steps:

  • Open BlockWallet.
  • Locate the network dropdown menu on the top of your home screen.
  • Select the correct network.

Locate Token Information

To import custom tokens, you need to gather accurate information about the token:

  • Token contract address: The unique identifier for the token on the blockchain. This address is used to interact with the token's smart contract.
  • Token Symbol: The short abbreviation used to represent the token (e.g., ETH for Ethereum). It helps users easily identify the token within the wallet.
  • Token decimals: The number of decimal places used by the token, which determines the smallest possible unit of the token that can be traded or transferred.
You can usually find this information on the project's official website, documentation, or social media channels.

Add Custom Tokens

Once you have all the information about the token, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Open BlockWallet and navigate to the Assets tab.
    Add Custom Token 1.jpg
  2. Click Add Token at the bottom of the list.
  3. Search for your token by name or code. Most reputable tokens can be found this way. If there are no results or if you are unsure, please paste the token contract address in the search bar.

You will need to paste the token contract address in the search bar.

If the token is found confirm the token details and click “next”Add Custom Token 2.jpg

Confirm that the token is in fact the one you wish to add to your account. If the token is new or not well known you will see a "?" icon for the token’s icon image.

Click Add Tokens and the token will now appear in your BlockWallet assets list, allowing you to manage, send and receive the token as you would with any other supported token.Add Custom Token 3.jpg

Importing custom tokens into your BlockWallet account can be a simple process when you have the necessary information and follow the steps outlined in this guide. Be aware of the risks associated with custom tokens and exercise caution to protect your digital assets.

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