Wallet Startup & Loading Issues

Please read the possible scenarios below if your wallet is loading for a long time or not loading up at all.

Please ensure your internet connection is stable first and check our Telegram or Discord groups if anyone is having the same issue and whether our community managers have offered a solution yet.

Your funds are located on the blockchain. Even if your wallet doesn’t load any balances you can check the balance on an explorer.

Data is unavailable

The wallet requires data from different providers to display all the information within it. If one provider is unavailable, then some information may not load properly. In some cases you might see the Provider Down error if communication with the RPCs is severed.

The extension does not open

If you haven’t opened the extension in a while there could be issues updating to the latest version. In this case the best solution is to simply remove and reinstall BlockWallet and then import your seed phrase. Most often, you will encounter this error if you haven't opened BlockWallet in a long time.

The wallet is frozen

Similar to the above. There could be a number of reasons for the freeze. Reinstalling the wallet and reimporting your seed phrase should solve this issue in most cases.

Report the issue

If you are still unable to solve your issue check out out Telegram for general solutions or open a support request in our Discord.

  1. Join the BlockWallet server at discord.gg/blockwallet.
  2. Verify your account and navigate to the Support section.
  3. Select the "Open Support Ticket" option under the "#create-ticket" channel.

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