Create a New Account

After installing BlockWallet and importing your seed phrase or creating a new one, you will see a default account in your wallet.

You can create more accounts easily and they are all derived and therefore recoverable using your seed phrase.

Create an account

  • Click the BlockWallet logo on home, next to your account name and address.
    Create a new BW acc 1.jpg
  • Click Create Account.
    Create a new BW acc 2.jpg
  • Type in your desired account name. By default, the name of the account will be "Account X", with the variable X representing the sequential number of wallets that exist for your account. 
  • Click Create.
    Create a new BW acc 8.jpg

Congratulations, you have created a new blockchain account that you can use to receive and send funds, perform swaps and bridges and interact with DApps.

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