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 At BlockWallet, our mission has always been to bridge the gap between web3 technology and its avid users. We want to increase demand for more desktop availability, and we've been hard at work to meet those needs. If you've been keen-eyed, you might have noticed some of our Citadel users immersed in testing an exciting addition over the past month. Their invaluable feedback, combined with our team's relentless effort to iron out any bugs and optimize performance, has led us to this pivotal moment. We're thrilled to announce that after rigorous testing and refinements, we're rolling out our newest update today!

Firefox Beta Testing | BlockWallet
BlockWallet Takes on Firefox

Expanding horizons is the name of the game, and with our latest update, we're delighted to reveal that BlockWallet is now compatible with Firefox! Why Firefox, you ask? Simply put, we believe in making our wallet accessible to a diverse group of users, and Firefox, with its commitment to open-source and user privacy, seemed like the perfect match.

How to Dive In?

Getting started is a breeze. Head over to our website, hit the download button, and if you're on Firefox, you'll be redirected to the Firefox store for a seamless installation. Before you know it, you'll be navigating the web3 universe with BlockWallet right by your side on your favorite browser!

Will the extension look different?

For those who've been with us on Chromium-based browsers, and want to switch we've got great news. When making the switch to our Firefox extension you'll feel right at home. We've ensured that the design, interface, and functionality you've grown to love remains consistent. No need to relearn or adjust – it's the same BlockWallet experience you're familiar with, just now on another popular platform!
Support & Queries:
Facing issues or have questions about using BlockWallet on Firefox? Fret not. Our dedicated community managers are here to assist you. Join our Discord or Telegram groups, and we'll help guide you through any challenges.

Extension On Firefox | BlockWallet


Our commitment to ensuring the best for our users continues with this new release. While we understand that our existing users on other platforms might not see a direct benefit, we believe in inclusivity and expanding our reach. For those Firefox loyalists out there, welcome to the BlockWallet family!

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