Everything You Need to Know About BlockWallet Audits

Here at BlockWallet, we understand the significance of project audits and deploy the best possible resources to ensure we deliver a safe and secure product to our community.

Prior to the launch of BlockWallet, we completed multiple publicly shared audits. The first one, an in-depth assessment of our browser extension wallet, was carried out by the well-known auditing firm Least Authority. The second audit, which focused on our token, was executed by Hacken. As for the results? We're proud to share that there were no major issues that were found. However, the team at Least Authority left some excellent suggestions for further enhancing our product's security.

Prompted by this advice, we completed a 3-phase plan to integrate these improvements into BlockWallet.

Phase 1 involved directly addressing the areas identified by Least Authority. After implementing the necessary changes, they were validated by the same experts who had originally recommended them.

During Phase 2, our development team took over, conducting comprehensive in-house code reviews. We also launched public bug bounties, encouraging our community to help us find and fix any potential issues.

Finally, Phase 3 took us into the field with real-world testing. We initiated a mainnet beta testing involving a select group of users. To make sure we covered all bases, we also brought in other third-party auditing firms for additional audits.

The thing about audits is that it’s a never-ending process. As the Web3 environment is constantly evolving, so are we - we’re always on the lookout for opportunities to improve our security so that all our users can use BlockWallet with confidence. Your trust, safety, and peace of mind are our highest priorities. For us, security isn't just a feature that’s nice to have, it's a fundamental part of who we are at BlockWallet.

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