A Bold New Chapter

It's been a year of helping you navigate the wild world of Web3. The time has come. We're hitting refresh on our look, fine-tuning our values and everything we've learned to deliver an experience that's all about freedom, confidence, and the heart of the decentralized movement.

What's new? 

This rebrand isn't just about new looks. We're talking a revamped website and a refined experience within the BlockWallet extension. The website? It's not only an eye candy. We've put a lot of effort into making it work better. It's now faster and more in sync with search engines, which will help us bring in more traffic. Not to mention, newcomers to BlockWallet can now understand the ins and outs much faster. As for the extension? It's sporting a refined look with vibrant colors, crisp fonts, and more intuitive inputs. Extension remains slick, smooth and elegant. We'll go crazy elsewhere. 

Frame 377.jpg

What the brand? 

In the crowded world of crypto wallets, standing out is crucial. But this rebrand isn't just about turning heads. This fresh look is more of a reflection of what we stand for and where we see BlockWallet heading. We're betting you'll feel a sense of pride being part of this collective. We also reckon it's going to reel in more visionaries who think like us, and together, we will create some magic. The thoughts and ideas that shaped this rebrand have been brewing in our heads for quite some time. So, what you see now is essentially those thoughts taking tangible form.

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Embracing Freedom and Confidence

Here's something to chew on: How would you change the world if you had no sense of fear? We're committed to handing you the tools, protection, and privacy you need to chase those dreams without tripping over roadblocks. We encourage you to dive into the limitless world of Web3, and see what you're truly capable of.

A Stand for Self-Custody and Beyond

Self-custody isn't just a necessity; it's a right. We understand that, but there's more. Transparency, security, and privacy - you deserve these too. BlockWallet is all about these core beliefs. Just look at BlockWallet now. Open-source code and regular audits tick the transparency box, while hardware wallet support, token allowance management, and phishing attack protection tighten up your security. And privacy? No tracking and your identity is safe. Period.

Set Free in Web3

We're all about breaking down the barriers to the Web3 universe. It's about crafting an experience that's easy to navigate, removing complexity from the equation. Whether you're just dipping your toes into the crypto pool or diving in deep, BlockWallet is here with you, supporting you each step of the way.

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It's About You

You're the reason we're here, and this transformation puts you front and center. We're about your needs, your interests, making sure you're safe, private, and in control. You will notice many different shapes and forms following us. It's you, and it's us. BlockWallet isn't just for you, it's about you - respecting your rights and fostering a feeling of belonging in the dizzying cryptoland. 

Trust You

Trust is a hot commodity in the Web3 world, and it's in short supply. The mantra often is - trust no one. But hey, there's one person you can always rely on - yourself. BlockWallet's all about equipping you with the tools and confidence to take control of your digital existence and navigate the choppy waters of the crypto world. So, you can bank on your own instincts and choices, without stressing over the nitty-gritty of the tools and tech you're using.

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As we step into this new phase, we want you by our side. As we create a more open, inclusive, and secure Web3 experience, let's navigate the unchartered waters of the cryptoland together and leave our mark on the future. And with BlockWallet in your pocket, you're not just a spectator in the Web3 world, you're part of the action.

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