Boost Your $BLANK Earnings On Zealy

We're super happy to kick off the cool BlockWallet Zealy Quests! These quests are created to give you fun rewards. By doing different tasks on Zealy, you can now win prizes from a pot of $500 USD in $BLANK tokens. 

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#Claim Role

As a part of our active community, you can earn the special title of 'Blanksters'. We've created three levels: Junior Blankster, Median Blankster, and Senior Blankster. You move up by earning experience points (XP) which depends on how much you do.

Claim Role ON Zealy | BlockWallet

#Start Here

Start your adventure as a Blankster in the #Start Here section. Here, you can join our online groups, explore our website, and follow us on Twitter. It's the perfect place to start your exciting journey with us.

First Task To Do On Zealy | BlockWallet

#Check Specials

This part is filled with tasks that give you lots of XP points. We suggest regularly checking it as we update it with new and exciting tasks.

Check Special Task | BlockWallet


This is your area for those who love Twitter and want to support BlockWallet. Follow us on Twitter and show your support for the BlockWallet project. 

Twitter Tasks | BlockWallet


If you're a big Discord fan, join our lively Discord community. Interact with other Blanksters and help our community grow on this cool platform.

Earn Blank From Discord | BlockWallet

#Get Creative

This section is for our most creative members. You can earn loads of points by making awesome YouTube videos, hosting interesting AMAs (Ask Me Anything) sessions, or making fun memes.

Get Creative writing content | BlockWallet

#Get XP

Don't miss this amazing chance to earn extra bonus points every day or every week. Remember to visit often and claim your rewards to move up faster in the BlockWallet Zealy Quests.

Get XP with Daily tasks | BlockWallet

#Invite Friends

The more friends you bring, the more fun it gets. Share the cool news about BlockWallet on Zealy, invite your friends to join us, and earn more XP points. Let's make our community bigger together!

Invite Friends and Get XP | BlockWallet

Zealy campaign duration

Each fun Zealy campaign, called a Zealy Sprint, lasts about 27-31 days. During this time, active Blanksters can earn XP and show their dedication. At the end of the sprint, we'll reward the top Blanksters with the most XP and give out the prizes.

Selecting the winners

When the Zealy Sprint ends, we'll update the sprint leaderboard and give $500 worth of $BLANK tokens to the top 10 people with the most XP. Here's how the prizes are split:

1st place: $100 in $BLANK
2nd place: $90 in $BLANK
3rd place: $80 in $BLANK
4th place: $70 in $BLANK
5th place: $60 in $BLANK
6th place: $50 in $BLANK
7th place: $40 in $BLANK
8th place: $30 in $BLANK
9th place: $25 in $BLANK
10th place: $15 in $BLANK

Zealy Leaderboard | BlockWallet

Don't miss this exciting chance to join the BlockWallet Zealy Quests. Do fun tasks, earn points, and get your share of the cool $500 USD prize pool in $BLANK tokens. Join us now, show what you can do, and start an unforgettable journey!

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