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Upgrade security and privacy on Ethereum

BlockWallet is the first crypto wallet protecting you on Web3 without any compromises.

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Stop the leak.
Own your data

You’re leaking IP address and other data to node providers. BlockWallet’s Privacy Proxies trim your personal data. It's a VPN for Web3.

Stay in the wallet.
Swap instantly

Save yourself some clicks, quickly swap tokens and enjoy the lowest fees - no exchanges and zero connections required.

Expand your reach.
Bridge on the spot

Bridge across multiple networks directly inside the wallet. Take advantage of cheaper gas fees and unlock more opportunities.

Set free in Web3.
Explore DApps

Connect BlockWallet browser-extension with your favorite DApps. Trade, deposit, lend and farm with peace of mind.

Skip the hassle. Add networks quickly

Stop adding network details manually. Use Quick Network Select to add to any popular EVM-compatible chains with just a few clicks.

Available on Chrome and Brave.

Spot scams. Use Phishing Protection

Generate unique artwork displayed on all password screens to recognize fake wallet pop-ups.

Get an edge. Monitor fees with Gas Tracker

Have everything in one place - track gas fees on multiple chains directly in the wallet. Get the most accurate data pulled directly from chain.

Beat the bots. Use Flashbot Protection

Stop losing money to front-running bots - prevent sandwich attacks on DEXes and mint NFTs privately.

All that, and still...

familiar by design and so smooth. BlockWallet packs all features you expect in a wallet.

Hardware wallet support


No user tracking

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Open source. Secured by audits and bug bounties.

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Let's make the switch?