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Privacy without sacrificing convenience

How does BlockWallet integrate with Web3 connections?

BlockWallet integration code sample BlockWallet integration code sample

Enable BlockWallet web3 support

It’s easy to integrate with BlockWallet - we support web3 provider standards.

You can use the same process for integrating BlockWallet as with any Web3 application - we support all common libraries and schemes.

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Prebuilt integrations
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Contribute to the private future of DeFi.

Get bounties for contributing to BlockWallet’s code - it’s open source. You can always test it for security and propose new features.

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A roadmap that delivers instant functionality, with more to come.


BlockWallet Public Alpha

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Web extension

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ERC-20 Support

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Web3 Connection

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Public Security Audit

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Mainnet Support

2022 Q1/Q2

BlockWallet v1.0.0

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Public Launch

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DEX Frontrunning Avoidance (Silent transactions)

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Off-chain Privacy Measures

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Hardware Wallet Support

2022 Q3

BlockWallet v1.5.0

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Custom RPC Endpoints

Future Releases


Security Improvements


Frequently Asked QUestions

More about BlockWallet

What dApps can I use BlockWallet with?

You can connect to any Web 3.0 dApp using BlockWallet. Continue to enjoy your favorite protocols and platforms like Uniswap, Opensea, Axie Infinity, Aave, plus a whole lot more!

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