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BlockWallet is a self custodial web3 crypto wallet tailored as the ideal X1 Wallet for secure & safe crypto transactions


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High Performance

Public nodes are clogged and sluggish. BlockWallet nodes are exclusive, fast and carefully maintained for optimal performance and speed, only available to BlockWallet users.


Identity Protection

Node providers receive your IP and other personal data. BlockWallet protects your identity by intercepting requests, removing sensitive details, and relaying only necessary data for transactions.


Pure Reliability

When node providers stop working, so do the wallets that use them. BlockWallet quickly switches to a backup node provider if the primary stops working, so your transactions.

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What is X1 Chain

Launched in November 2023, the X1 Chain is a new kind of network that makes building on the internet (Web3) easier and more efficient. It's a collaborative effort between two big names, OKX and Polygon Labs, and works well with Ethereum, a popular blockchain system. X1 is special because it's easy to use, safe, and can handle a lot of activity without slowing down. People can use OKX's own token, OKB, for transactions, which keeps costs low. This network is inviting everyone interested in Web3, especially developers, to use its features to create better online applications. Its main goal is to make the use of blockchain technology more common by improving and working with the Ethereum system. By bringing together OKX's large user community and the ease of integrating existing Ethereum tools, X1 Network is set to be a key player in expanding the reach and understanding of blockchain and Web3 technologies to a broader audience.

What Makes X1 Chain Different

Ethereum Compatibility:

X1 Chain works seamlessly with Ethereum, a widely-used blockchain system, meaning it can easily use tools and applications already built for Ethereum.


Designed for ease of use, making it accessible even for those new to blockchain and Web3 technologies.

High Security:

Incorporates advanced security measures to protect transactions and user data, ensuring a safe environment for users.


Capable of handling a large number of transactions and activities without compromising speed or efficiency.

Low Transaction Costs:

Utilizes OKB, the token from OKX, to keep transaction fees affordable for users.

Efficient for Developers:

Offers a platform that makes it easier for developers to build and launch Web3 applications effectively.

Broad Accessibility:

Aims to bring more people into the world of blockchain by being compatible with existing blockchain tools and easy to use for newcomers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between X1 Chain and other Layer 2 solutions?

X1 Chain stands out due to its unique integration with the OKX ecosystem and its use of Zero-Knowledge proofs, offering enhanced scalability and security. It's also designed to be particularly user-friendly and developer-oriented, making it accessible for a broader range of users and creators. Its strategic collaboration with Polygon Labs further differentiates it, leveraging shared technology and resources.

How do I get started with using X1 Chain?

To start using X1 Chain, first set up a compatible digital wallet and acquire some OKB tokens, as they are used for transactions on the network. Then, familiarize yourself with the X1 Chain interface and its features. There are plenty of resources and guides available online to help beginners understand the basics of navigating the network.

Is X1 Chain environmentally friendly?

Yes, X1 Chain prioritizes environmental sustainability. Its Layer 2 solution reduces the overall energy consumption typically associated with blockchain transactions, making it a more eco-friendly option compared to traditional blockchain networks.

Can X1 Chain be used for creating decentralized applications (DApps)?

Absolutely, X1 Chain is an ideal platform for developing DApps. It supports EVM-compatible smart contracts and offers tools and resources to assist developers in building efficient, secure, and scalable decentralized applications.

What security measures are in place to prevent hacking or fraud on X1 Chain?

X1 Chain employs several layers of security measures, including advanced cryptographic techniques like Zero-Knowledge proofs, continuous network monitoring, and regular security audits. These measures ensure robust protection against hacking and fraudulent activities.

How does X1 Chain ensure data privacy?

X1 Chain uses Zero-Knowledge proof technology, which allows transaction validation without revealing sensitive information, thus maintaining high standards of data privacy. This ensures that personal and transactional data remain confidential and secure.

What are the future development plans for X1 Chain?

The future development of X1 Chain includes continuous improvement of its scalability and security features, further integration with other blockchain ecosystems, and the introduction of new tools and resources for developers. The goal is to keep enhancing user experience, expand its user base, and stay at the forefront of blockchain technology innovation.

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