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BlockWallet is a self custodial web3 crypto wallet tailored as the ideal Telos Wallet for secure & safe crypto transactions


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High Performance

Public nodes are clogged and sluggish. BlockWallet nodes are exclusive, fast and carefully maintained for optimal performance and speed, only available to BlockWallet users.


Identity Protection

Node providers receive your IP and other personal data. BlockWallet protects your identity by intercepting requests, removing sensitive details, and relaying only necessary data for transactions.


Pure Reliability

When node providers stop working, so do the wallets that use them. BlockWallet quickly switches to a backup node provider if the primary stops working, so your transactions.

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What is Telos Network

Telos is a growing network of networks (Layer 0) enabling Zero Knowledge technology for ultimate scalability and privacy to support all industries and applications. The expanding Telos ecosystem includes over 1.2 million accounts, hundreds of partners, and numerous dApps. Launched in 2018 Telos is known for its impeccable five-year record of zero downtime and is home to the worlds fastest Ethereum Virtual Machine, the Telos EVM. Telos is positioned to lead enterprise adoption into the world of borderless Web3 technology and decentralized solutions.

What Makes Telos Network Different

Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Compatibility:

Telos supports standard EVM programming languages like Solidity, enabling developers to easily build and deploy applications. This compatibility simplifies the transition for those familiar with Ethereum's ecosystem.

Low Transaction Costs:

Telos significantly reduces transaction fees compared to other platforms like Ethereum. This reduction in cost makes it economically viable for a wide range of applications, from high-volume transactions to microtransactions.

High-Speed Transaction Processing:

With block times of just 0.5 seconds, Telos boasts one of the fastest transaction speeds in the industry, enhancing efficiency and user experience.

Fixed Gas Fee System:

Telos uses a fixed gas fee model, ensuring transparency and fairness in transactions. This approach eliminates the possibility of front-running, providing a more equitable environment for users.

Security Focus:

Telos places a high priority on security, with all technological developments undergoing rigorous testing and security audits. This focus ensures a safe and reliable platform for users and developers.

Robust Community Support:

Telos is backed by a vibrant and engaged community, including developers and organizational partners. This strong community support fosters innovation and collaboration within the Telos ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Telos differ from Ethereum?

Telos differs from Ethereum primarily in its transaction speed and cost. Telos offers much faster transaction processing with block times of 0.5 seconds and significantly lower transaction costs. Additionally, Telos has a fixed gas fee system and a strong emphasis on community governance.

What is the role of TLOS tokens in the Telos Network?

TLOS tokens are used within the Telos Network for transaction fees, participating in governance decisions, and as a medium of exchange within the ecosystem. They play a central role in the network's operation and community engagement.

Can Ethereum developers easily build on Telos?

Yes, Ethereum developers can easily transition to Telos due to its EVM compatibility. This allows them to use familiar programming languages like Solidity, and the platform provides similar tools and APIs to Ethereum, simplifying the development process.

How does Telos ensure the security of its network?

Telos prioritizes security through rigorous testing and regular security audits of its technology. This approach ensures a robust and secure environment for both users and developers.

What makes Telos unique in terms of governance?

Telos features a community-driven governance model, where TLOS token holders have a significant say in major network decisions. This decentralized approach fosters transparency and ensures that the community's needs and interests are reflected in the network's evolution.

Is Telos suitable for small-scale transactions or microtransactions?

Yes, Telos is well-suited for both large-scale and small-scale transactions, including microtransactions. Its low transaction costs make it economically viable for transactions of all sizes, broadening its applicability across various use cases.

What Is Best wallet to use as a Telos Wallet?

BlockWallet is a perfect choice for use as a Telos Wallet. It is one of the few wallets that support the Telos network. Additionally, it offers a variety of extra security features, providing Telos users with a sense of safety when securing their digital assets.

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