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BlockWallet is a self custodial web3 wallet tailored as the ideal Fusion Wallet for secure & seamless crypto transactions


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High Performance

Public nodes are clogged and sluggish. BlockWallet nodes are exclusive, fast and carefully maintained for optimal performance and speed, only available to BlockWallet users.


Identity Protection

Node providers receive your IP and other personal data. BlockWallet protects your identity by intercepting requests, removing sensitive details, and relaying only necessary data for transactions.


Pure Reliability

When node providers stop working, so do the wallets that use them. BlockWallet quickly switches to a backup node provider if the primary stops working, so your transactions.

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What is Fusion Network

Fusion Network is like a next-level version of Ethereum, specifically made for easier and more advanced financial actions. Just like Ethereum, it uses blockchain, but Fusion brings to the table special features like Quantum Swaps, Time-Locks, and Universal Short Account Numbers. These features help users smoothly trade and deal with crypto-assets and even let them securely rent or lease things, be it online stuff or real-world items. Fusion also has a special tool called AnySwap which lets it easily work with many different types of cryptocurrencies. This is a big deal because it avoids the need for middlemen like central exchanges. And, if you're wondering where to store or manage your assets on Fusion, the Fusion Wallet is the go-to place. With Fusion Wallet, you're not just keeping your assets safe; you're also making the most of Fusion's cool features.

What Makes Fusion Network Different

Quantum Swaps:

Fusion's Quantum Swaps take asset exchanges to the next level. Unlike conventional methods which often involve intermediary steps or third parties, Quantum Swaps allow users to instantly and directly swap one cryptocurrency for another. This eliminates the hassle and waiting time usually associated with exchanges, offering an unprecedented immediacy in the trading landscape. Plus, with the Fusion Wallet, these swaps are executed seamlessly, providing users with a hassle-free trading experience


The Time-Lock feature on Fusion Network is a revolutionary approach to asset utilization. Instead of transferring complete ownership of assets, users can opt to "lock" their digital assets for a specified time. This can be likened to leasing or renting out assets. For instance, if someone wants to utilize a certain cryptocurrency for a short-term purpose without buying it, they can lease it from a Fusion Wallet user who has enabled the Time-Lock feature. This facilitates a flexible, secure, and innovative method of leveraging assets.

Universal Short Account Numbers (USANs):

Addressing a common complaint in the crypto sphere, Fusion Network introduces USANs to make crypto addresses more user-friendly. Rather than dealing with lengthy and complicated alphanumeric addresses, Fusion's USAN system assigns short and easy-to-recall account numbers. Integrated seamlessly within the Fusion Wallet, this promotes convenience, especially when sharing or receiving assets.

AnySwap Protocol:

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is soaring in popularity, and Fusion Network's AnySwap Protocol is a standout feature in this domain. It provides a decentralized mechanism for swapping assets across different blockchains without relying on central exchanges. This not only ensures better security but also offers more autonomy to users. And the best part? The Fusion Wallet is built to take full advantage of this protocol, making cross-chain transfers uncomplicated and swift.

Interoperable Framework:

One of Fusion Network's most distinct features is its ability to bridge various blockchains, fostering a truly interoperable environment. In a landscape dominated by a multitude of blockchains, the seamless communication between them becomes crucial. Fusion facilitates this by allowing different blockchains to interact and transact without hindrance. Whether you're dealing with Ethereum-based assets or tokens from another blockchain, the Fusion Network ensures smooth interoperability. When combined with the Fusion Wallet, users have a singular platform that not only stores a diverse range of assets but also enables hassle-free cross-chain interactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose BlockWallet as a Fusion Wallet?

Fusion Network is fully compatible with BlockWallet. In fact, BlockWallet supports all Ethereum-based networks, which includes Fusion. Furthermore, it's worth noting that BlockWallet places a strong emphasis on privacy and security, ensuring your assets on the Fusion Network are well-protected.

What makes Fusion Network different from other blockchain platforms?

Fusion Network offers multiple unique features like time-locking of assets, quantum swap, and an interoperable framework which distinguishes it from many other platforms. It's designed to offer a seamless and efficient cross-chain experience for users.

Is the Fusion Wallet the official wallet for the Fusion Network?

Yes, the Fusion Wallet is designed to be the primary wallet for the Fusion Network, providing users with a comprehensive and user-friendly interface for all their Fusion-based assets and transactions.

How does Fusion Network ensure cross-chain interactions?

Fusion Network boasts an interoperable framework that allows it to bridge various blockchains, enabling assets from different networks to interact and transact seamlessly.

Are my assets time-locked on Fusion Network safe?

Time-locking is one of the innovative features of the Fusion Network, and it ensures that assets are securely locked for a specified time frame. It provides both flexibility and security to users, enabling them to plan their transactions ahead of time.

How does quantum swap on Fusion Network work?

Quantum swap is a feature of Fusion that allows users to exchange assets without the need for a middleman or an exchange platform. It's a decentralized and trustless method of swapping assets, which enhances transaction speed and reduces costs.

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