BlockWallet Partners with Lossless

Lossless has created the world’s first unrivaled exploit identification and mitigation tools designed to foolproof Web3 from hacks.

Through our shared mission toward user security, this partnership was a no-brainer. As we build BlockWallet, we’ll be integrating Lossless’s proactive Web3 protection against smart contract exploits — Aegis.

What does this mean for you?

BlockWallet becomes more secure. Whether you’re using swapping or staking your tokens (coming soon btw), you depend on smart contracts. And now, we’ll have the watchful eye of Aegis monitoring them, catching exploits before they do any damage.

Why Aegis?

Since Q1 2021, Lossless has analyzed 80+ hacks responsible for a total stolen value of $3.6 billion. And through their combined insight, they’ve narrowed it down to 3 major exploit patterns:

  1. Price Oracle Manipulations
  2. Private Key Hacks
  3. Bugs: Errors and loopholes in smart contracts

Aegis scans all mined block transactions, utilizing predictive analytics to monitor transaction patterns and identify suspicious addresses. With 24/7 security and an intuitive dashboard for our team, smart contract exploits can be prevented before they even happen.

About Lossless

Lossless is restoring trust in Web3 security. They add an additional layer of blockchain transaction security for ERC-20 standard tokens, protecting projects and their communities from malicious exploits and the associated financial loss and mitigating the financial impact of smart contract exploits and private key theft. They utilize community-driven threat identification tools and a unique stake-based reporting system to identify suspicious transactions and provide real-time protection.

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