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The $BLANK Token

Explore the utility that serves the Blockwallet ecosystem.

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5 distinct purposes

Learn about the different token utility applications that comes with the $BLANK token.

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Fee discount for token holders
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Token burn from 50% of the fees
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Blank token reward campaigns
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Liquidity Providers earn 50% of the fees
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Exclusive offers and access-first functionality to token holders
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Liquidity rewards program

DeFi depends on liquidity providers, and the $BLANK token is no different. That’s why we have a robust program built to reward community members that provide liquidity for the token. On top of the usual fees supplied by decentralized exchanges, liquidity providers are incentivized further with additional $BLANK rewards.

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Token distribution factsheet.

Token Name


Total Supply


Token Generation Event

March 5th, 2021

Tokens Price % Supply Raise Vesting (1st of every month)
Private Round 35,000,000 $0.0515 28.00% $1,802,500,00 20% on TGE, 8% for Month 1 2; then 7% for Month 3 6; then 6% for Month 7 12
Public Sale 1,875,000 $0.064 1.50% $120,000.00 100% on TGE
Marketing/Listing 12,500,000 10.00% Marketing: 25% on TGE, 7.5% for Month 1 6; then 5% for Month 7 12
Liquidity / Adoption Incentives 40,000,000 32.00% Liquidity: 10% on TGE, 7.5% for Month 1 4; then 5% for Month 5 16
Team 15,000,000 12.00% 1 Year lock, 10% for 1st Month of every quarter and 7.5% each other month.
Advisors 5,000,000 4.00% 1 Year lock, 10% for 1st Month of every quarter and 7.5% each other month.
Development 15,625,000 12.50% 1 Year lock, 10% for 1st Month of every quarter and 7.5% each other month.


Token unlock schedule.

Private Sale

Public Sale

Marketing / Listing

Liquidity / LP & Privacy Adoption incentives




For more information about token metrics.

Frequently Asked QUestions

More about BlockWallet

Can I stake $Blank tokens?

We are currently working on our staking dApp, until then you can only farm LP token and earn rewards this way.

What are the tokenomics?

Our tokenomics can be found here: [LINK]

How can I earn LP rewards?

We currently offer rewards for Uniswap (Ethereum, $ETH pair) and Quickswap (Polygon, $USDC pair) liquidity providers:


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