Security & Audits

Advances in blockchain have paved the way for constant innovation. This innovation allows users to benefit from cutting-edge technology, yet comes with its own set of risks. The fast-moving nature of the DeFi space makes identifying security risks paramount. A DeFi wallet in particular must provide a secure platform for its users.

The Blockwallet team sees security as fundamental to long-term success, and has taken the following steps to minimize the risks associated with DeFi:


Blockwallet smart contracts are routinely audited by top-tier security firms. These firms help to discover and fix code vulnerabilities while providing additional expert opinions. See our list of completed audit reports for more information:

In-house Code Reviews

The Blockwallet team has set periods dedicated to identifying code vulnerabilities. These periods include internal testing phases and full in-house code reviews.

Public Bug Bounties

Blockwallet maintains public bug bounty programs that reward participants for identifying bugs and other code vulnerabilities.

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